April 21, 2017
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump's new tax package won't be unveiled until next week, but he offered a little sneak preview Friday of just how huge the tax cuts will be. In an interview with The Associated Press published Friday, Trump said his tax reform plan will offer businesses and individuals "a massive tax cut," which he claimed would be "bigger I believe than any tax cut ever."

Trump said to expect his proposal on "Wednesday or shortly therafter." Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had originally planned to pass tax reform by August, but now he hopes to get it through Congress by the end of 2017.

Trump touched on more than taxes in the wide-ranging interview. He predicted the recent attack in Paris that left one police officer dead and two others injured would "probably help" far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France's approaching presidential election. He also reassured young immigrants they could "rest easy" about his immigration policies, explaining his administration is "not after the DREAMers, we are after the criminals." Becca Stanek

November 30, 2016

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, President-elect Donald Trump announced that "legal documents are being crafted" to take him "completely out of business operations" in his sprawling, multi-billion-dollar empire. Trump said he will hold a press conference with his children on Dec. 15 to address his decision to leave his "great business in total" to focus on the "far more important task" of being president. He noted he was not "mandated" by law to do this, but that he wanted to eliminate any perceived conflicts of interest.

Already, Trump has raised eyebrows for what appears to be a clash between his business empire and his presidential responsibilities. His hotel in Washington, D.C., for instance, is leased to him by the federal government’s General Services Administration, which strictly prohibits contracts with government employees. Reports also suggest Trump pushed in a post-election conversation to get Nigel Farage to oppose a British wind farm, which he previously said would mar the view from his Scottish golf course, and to get the president of Argentina to grant him a business favor (which Trump denied). Becca Stanek