1. Yoga Mat Storage and Display ($145)

Chances are your musty yoga mat is propped in a corner somewhere. Uncommon Goods sells a shelf made from poplar and oak that's designed to hold your mat, yoga blocks, and any candles or incense you might be burning. Buy it at Uncommon Goods.

2. Prana Men's Sutra Pants ($79)

Made from a sustainable blend of hemp and recycled polyester, Prana's loose, breathable men's yoga pants look good enough to be worn outside the studio. They have an elastic waistband, a drawstring, and three pockets. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Yogiii Tote ($30)

This stylish lightweight bag rises higher in back than in front, "which keeps your rolled-up yoga mat from toppling out behind you." The other pockets can handle a few other essentials. Available in eight colors. Buy it at Amazon.

4. YogaPaws ($32)

When traveling, pack these rubberized gloves and socks instead of a mat. They wick moisture from palms and feet and help you run through poses anywhere. They're made with light cushioning or a barefoot feel. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Rug ($50)

A cotton rug is a must for Ashtanga yoga, but it can dress up any mat or be folded to use for meditation. Hugger Mugger's six thick, sturdy options “look good enough for an apartment accent rug.” Buy it at Amazon.

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