This week's question: Kanye West was denounced by many of his fans after he called President Trump a "brother" who shares his "dragon energy," and was spotted wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat signed by the president. If West were to release a new rap song about his defiant love for the president, what title could he give the track?

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THE WINNER: "Gold Hair Digger"
Lonny Frye, Boulder, Colorado

SECOND PLACE: "In Da Mar-a-Lago Club"
Amy Pal, Mountain View, California

THIRD PLACE: "He Ain't Hillary, He's My Brother"
Norm Carrier, Flat Rock, North Carolina


"Hug the Power"
Mark Miller, Los Angeles

"Nuthin' But a GOP Thang"
Chip Rollinson, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Straight Outta Hamptons"
Chip Voelker, Boulder Creek, California

"Straight Outta Trump Tower"
Edward Hicks, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

"99 Problems (but the Prez Ain't One)
Teri Allbright Wildrick, Shelby Township, Michigan

"I'm Down with DJT (Yeah You Know Me)"
Alec Guettel, Mount Kisco, New York

"Straight Outta Swampton"
Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts

"Strangers on the Right"
Bill Harriot, Fort Washington, Maryland

"Ebony and Orangey"
Stephanie Unger, Katy, Texas

"West's Side Story"
Bob Petrucelli, Westborough, Massachusetts

"Alpha and OMAGA"
Sam Goodyear, Binghamton, New York

"Nuthin' but a T Thang"
Robert Kozloff, Oak Park, Illinois

"Oh Donny Bro"
Carole J. Mabus, Fort Pierce, Florida

"Tweet Dreams Are Made of This"
Greg Martin, La Crescenta, California

"West Wingin'"
Phyllis Klein, New York City