This week's question: Penn State has banned the college's 98-year-old Outing Club from going on hikes, canoeing, or camping trips, after deciding that such outdoors activities are too dangerous and could lead to lawsuits. Please come up with the name of a new student club that would satisfy the college's safety-first agenda.

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THE WINNER: "The PlayPenn Club"
Loretta Napolitano, Denville, New Jersey

SECOND PLACE: "Nittany Lie-Ins Club"
Matt Costinett, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

THIRD PLACE: "The Penn'd In Club"
Judith Sumner, Worcester, Massachusetts


"The Stay-In-Bed Poets Society"
Kevin Scully, Davis, California

"The Notany Lions Club"
Ken Goldstein, Jacksonville, Florida

"Friends in Safe Spaces"
Douglas Scott Fields, Katy, Texas

"State Penn Club"
Alice Roberts, Spring, Texas

"The Holding Penn"
Patrick Oates, Lincoln, California

"The Flee Club"
Jonathan Sternberg, Eugene, Oregon

"The Cotton Ball Club"
Susan Carlisle, Fresno, California

"The Great Indoors Club"
William Hoover, Stratford, Wisconsin

"The Underguarduates"
Mary C. Fieber, Omaha, Nebraska

"Couch-ward Bound"
Rick Davis, St. Louis, Missouri

"Coward Bound"
Louis Himmelstein, Novato, California

"Nowting Club"
Helen Croskell, Houston

"Student Inactivities Committee"
Emily Aborn, Temple, New Hampshire

"Weakened Warriors"
Joanne Sullivan, New York City