1. Casper Dog Mattress ($125)

Available in three sizes and made by the team behind a popular ­memory-foam mattress for humans, this plush bed "will guarantee your pooch a solid snooze." Casper offers free refunds for 100 days. Buy it at Casper.

2. Rah Design MDK9 Dog Haus ($3,650)

"And to think you figured the Casper Dog Mattress was a big step up." This pooch penthouse is made from steel, concrete, and Brazilian teak. A nameplate and Jax & Bones bedding are included. Buy it at Rah Design.

3. Katris Modular Cat Tree ($200)

This set of corrugated cardboard blocks can be stacked in various configurations to suit your decor needs or kitty's interests. They're sturdy enough to use as shelving and they welcome regular clawing. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower ($186)

"Cool enough to live in your living room," this cat perch has two openings in its wicker dome, comes with a machine-washable cushion, and has a built-in scratching post and dangling toy. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Louis Pet Bed ($399)

Designed in the Louis XVI style, this handsome carved oak bed is for owners of miniature dogs who love their pups as much as the Bourbon king loved his toy poodles. Buy it at Restoration Hardware.

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